Terms & Conditions

This invoice represents an order to be placed by Twirl Bridal & Dress Boutique on behalf of the purchaser, who is from now on called the customer.

The measurements stated on the order form have been agreed between Twirl Bridal & Dress Boutique and the customer.

The customer understands and agrees that the measurements for all people measured and noted on this invoice, will be to the nearest on the supplier charts as shown to the customer, and the customer will be responsible for the cost of any alterations required once the dress arrives from the suppliers. The customer agrees that any changes in the size of any people who have had an item ordered are not the responsibility of Twirl Bridal & Dress Boutique and as such, Twirl Bridal & Dress Boutique remains harmless in this matter.

The customer will be offered a fitting and collection appointment and directed to suitable alterations people. The customer is under no obligation to use the alterations people suggested by Twirl Bridal & Dress Boutique.

The customer will be asked to sign as satisfied on the fitting and collection day.

The customer understands clearly, that by placing a deposit or by paying in full at date of purchase, there is no refund policy as the items are bespoke (made to an agreed size, colour, length and design.)

Any deposit paid by the customer is non-refundable and balance is payable either prior to or on the day of fitting and collection by the customer. In a change of circumstance, the customer remains liable for payment of the full balance of items ordered on this invoice.

Should any circumstances change for the customer, Twirl Bridal & Dress Boutique will be happy to discuss at the time and offer help when appropriate but cannot guarantee any financial recompense.

Twirl Bridal & Dress Boutique will inform the customer via telephone and/or email when the goods arrive. Any goods that remain unpaid or are not collected by the date of the wedding shall remain the property of Twirl Bridal & Dress Boutique.