Twirl Bridal Alterations

Once your gown has arrived, you will be contacted to set up your 'Gown Viewing' at our retail premises. At this appointment, you will try on your gown for the first time with all of your accessories! After your 'Gown Viewing', you will begin the fitting process (if necessary) with our alterations Seamstress. Your initial fitting will occur at our premises, however future fittings will be arranged between yourself and our Seamstress, possibly at her studio, our shop premises, or your home. Our talented seamstress has more than 20 years of expert couture experience. She will answer all of your alterations questions during your meeting.

We set up your first alterations appointment for you, based on your availability. At your first fitting, you will schedule all consequent fittings. An estimate will be given to you at this first appointment. You will pay our seamstress directly for all alterations performed. Your alterations quote is based on the job, not the visit, so you can have as many appointments as you want and be picky. If you go ten times or two times, it will cost the same. Know that if your gown needs to be taken in 5 or 1 inches, the work on it is the same. It is one seam that needs to be let out and one seam to put back in. The number of layers and amount of detail will be the determining factor of the alterations cost, not how big or small your gown is.

The alterations process is essential in shaping your gown to your body's specific silhouette. All brides are built differently and will need their gown shaped to the contour of their body. This is why the alterations are the most important step to making the gown "uniquely" yours.

You are not obligated to use our Seamstress, however, because of the delicate quality of your gown fabric, we recommend that you do use someone with experience working with delicate fabrics as well as appliqué and beading.